3-29-20 "Staying Calm" Matthew 14:22-32 - Michael Webb
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After watching the video of this week's sermon (or after listening to the audio recording), we encourage you to go to this new BBCC Discussion Group on Facebook to share your questions, comments, or things you hope to apply from the message this week:

You can also share your praises and prayer requests in this group, and pray for the things others share.  Since we have fewer opportunities to meet in-person with the recent restrictions, we want to use this Facebook Discussion Group as one of our primary ways of encouraging ongoing fellowship, encouragement, and ministry to one another.

If you have any trouble joining the group or creating a Facebook account, contact Jeff or Jessica.


You can access the video recordings of sermons from 3-15-20 and beyond on the BBCC YouTube channel.

3-22-20 "The End Times" Revelation - Jeff Miller
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3-15-20 "A Christian Response to the Coronavirus" Matthew 6:25-34 - Jeff Miller
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3-8-20 "How to Keep Your Mind Set on the Spirit" Romans 8:5-6 - Jeff Miller
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CLICK HERE to view our DropBox sermon archive to listen to additional sermons or to download sermons to your computer or mobile device so that you can listen to the sermons offline.

3-1-20 "How Separate Should We Be?" - Jeff Miller
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2-23-20 "The Father's Heart" Luke 15 - Jon Edwards
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