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We have a group of elders, including our lead pastor, who oversee and guide the congregation. 


Our current elders are:

  • Mike Southards (Pastor)

  • Jerel Roberts

  • Don Hamrick

  • Craig Roush

  • Peter Bauson

We also have directors for our various areas of ministry to help us serve God more effectively.  Though it's the elders' job to determine the mission the Lord has for us, it's the directors' job to figure out how to best accomplish our mission in their area of ministry.

Our current directors are:

  • Tina Roush (Worship Ministries)

  • Becky Louton (Outreach Ministries)

  • Rachel Roberts (Children's Ministries)

  • Richard Bedey (Adult Ministries)

  • Dave Wagler (Building & Grounds Ministries)

  • Kathy Roberts (Finance Ministries)

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