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BBCC's current COVID-19 precautions

As the society around us continues to be divided over so many things, our deep unity in the gospel can be a powerful testimony of what matters most and the eternal hope we have in Christ.  In our effort to keep focused on Christ and not let minor things divide us, we as the elders encourage the congregation to continue being considerate of each other’s personal precautions since each of us are in different circumstances and may feel that it is wise for us to take different levels of precautions.


At this point, BBCC no longer has guidelines for the congregation regarding face mask usage or social distancing, but we leave it up to individuals to decide what precautions to take while being respectful of others around them who may be taking different levels of precautions.  We are still asking that you avoid attending in-person if you are experiencing Covid symptoms or suspect you may currently have Covid, regardless of whether or not you’ve been vaccinated.


The seating in the sanctuary doesn't ensure social distancing, but we will continue to have socially distant seating available in the two overflow rooms where everything happening in the sanctuary can be viewed live on a TV or projector screen.  We will continue to have hand sanitizer available by every entrance and in other locations throughout the building.  Extra face masks are available inside the main entrance.  We will also continue to make the live streams and recordings of our worship services available for those who decide to participate from home.


We are grateful to all of you for your kind cooperation during these difficult times.  We will continue to monitor the situation and make additional changes as needed.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


The BBCC sanctuary.  The preaching and music are done in here, but the video and sound are also sent to two other rooms in the church and live streamed on YouTube.


The BBCC fellowship hall.  This overflow area has plenty of room to spread out, and everything that happens on stage can be seen on a large TV screen.


The BBCC basement.  This family-friendly overflow area shows the worship service on a projector screen, and there are tables and children's materials available throughout the room.  There is also easy access from this room to the BBCC playground just outside.

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