“They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship (Greek: koinonia), to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Acts 2:42


Small groups of 3-5 people will be facilitated weekly with three options:

  1. Online video chats,

  2. In-person with social distancing and masks required, and

  3. In-person with social distancing and masks optional.




To provide a way for believers to encourage each other to stay active in the word, in prayer, and in fellowship during the Covid-19 pandemic. "Christian fellowship is a key aspect of the Christian life. Believers in Christ are to come together in love, faith, and encouragement. That is the essence of koinonia."[1] 


commitment length

4 weeks

group structure

These fellowship groups will meet weekly and will follow the example of the early church as described in Acts 2:42. They will be self-directed with each group member devoting themselves to the others in the group by spending time in preparation prior to the meeting. The groups will last for one hour and will be divided into three sections of 20 minutes each: 1) the apostles' teaching (where participants will spend time discussing a section of scripture together), 2) breaking of bread and fellowship (each member will share a scripture or two they have prepared ahead of time that they personally found encouraging, convicting, or meaningful; eating together is also an option), and 3) prayer and praise. More details are explained below about each of these sections.

Apostles' Teaching (20 minutes)

This portion of the time will be spent discussing a passage of scripture together. These are the passages for each of the four weeks:

  1. James 1:19-27

  2. Romans 12:9-21

  3. Matthew 6:16-24

  4. 1 Thessalonians 4:9-18

You do not need to prepare ahead of time for this part. For each passage, read it together 2-3 times slowly, preferably in more than one translation. Then discuss your responses to the following questions:

  1. What did you find meaningful in this passage?

  2. What did you find convicting?

  3. What did you not understand?

  4. What does this passage say about God? [or Jesus or the Holy Spirit]

  5. What is God asking us to do?

  6. What are you going to do with that?


It would be helpful if at least one person has a study Bible for reference.

Breaking of Bread and Fellowship (20 minutes)

Breaking bread refers to the Lord’s Supper, which early Christians probably celebrated with a full meal.  ​Koinonia, the Greek word in the Bible that we usually translate “fellowship,” refers to much more than simply socializing with other people.  It means “close association involving mutual interests and sharing.”[2]

Though some groups won’t be sharing food, every group will be taking time to have fellowship (koinonia) with each other in Christ by uniting in sharing with one another from God’s word.  One segment of the group time will be spent sharing with one another something that you have found personally meaningful in the Bible. In other words, every participant is expected to spend some time prior to the meeting gathering something from the Bible to share with others during the group time. This can be a verse or passage that you found encouraging, helpful, inspiring, or convicting. You can also share prayer requests with one another and offer words of encouragement to help build each other up.

Prayer & Praise (20 minutes)

Everyone is to take a turn to pray and/or give thanks. If anyone prefers not to pray out loud on a given day, they can read a Psalm or another prayer recorded in scripture.

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Please register here to join a group, or email us for more information.

[1] https://www.gotquestions.org/koinonia.html

[2] Arndt, W., Danker, F. W., Bauer, W., & Gingrich, F. W. (2000). A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian literature (3rd ed., p. 552). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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