Update - July 8

Our live streaming equipment should all arrive and be ready to go by Sunday, July 19.  (It got delayed again, but now it's finally in the mail and on its way.)



Update - June 26

Some of our live streaming equipment is still on backorder, but it is expected to arrive and be ready to use by either July 5 or July 12.  Until then, we will continue recording the worship services and posting the video recording online by early Sunday afternoon for those who desire to participate from home.  We will also continue to have two overflow areas available during our worship services so that those who come to the services in person can spread out as much as they desire.  However, until the remaining live streaming equipment arrives, only one overflow area will have video (and now we have a way to make sure it's not backwards), but both overflow areas will have sound.  When the live streaming is finally available, there will be simultaneous HD video and sound sent to both overflow areas in the church, and people at home will be capable of watching the service either live or later.


Worship Service on June 14

We were informed that our live streaming equipment is still backordered and won't arrive for probably another week or two.  We are planning to make a video recording of the service for those who feel more comfortable participating from home, and we plan to post the video recording on the sermons page and on our YouTube channel, hopefully by early Sunday afternoon.


For those who plan to come in person, we are planning to have the worship service indoors this week at 10:30.  We will practice social distancing of at least 6 feet, and we strongly recommend the wearing of face masks, especially while singing or speaking.  No food or drinks will be provided, but you can bring your own.  Due to the narrow passageways in our building, we request that you quickly find a seat when you enter, go directly outside after the service is over, and avoid walking or standing around inside the building as much as possible.  There will be a designated fellowship area outside on the end of the parking lot that is furthest from the road.  The restrooms will be available, though we recommend that you avoid using them if possible.


Since we will have less seating available in the sanctuary due to social distancing, we will have additional seating in the fellowship hall and the basement.  After our backordered equipment arrives, we should have video and sound in both of the overflow areas, but since it hasn't arrived yet, one of the overflow areas will only have a low-quality video feed with sound, but the other overflow area will only have sound for now.



Outdoor Worship Service on June 7

NOTE:  THE OUTDOOR WORSHIP SERVICE THIS WEEK WILL BEGIN AT 9:30 AM.  Since the temperatures are expected to be hot and should heat up significantly throughout the day, we will meet outside an hour earlier than normal at 9:30 instead of 10:30.  We will take the same precautions as the past two weeks, and we will have live worship music as well as a video message with additional music from Bryan and Yvonne Hutson of Rescue Me Ministries.



Outdoor Worship Service on May 31

The weather report for Sunday morning looks fantastic, so we are planning have our outdoor service at 10:30 am on May 31.  It will include the same precautions as last week, and it will include live music and a live sermon.  We will also have a worship service video available online by early Sunday morning for those who participate from home.

Outdoor Worship Service on May 24 (last updated on May 23)

As of now, we are still tentatively planning have our outdoor service at 10:30 am on May 24 where we will show the worship service video and have some live worship music.  Since there is still a small chance of rain on Sunday morning, we recommend that you check this web page prior to coming on Sunday morning to make sure that we have not made a last-minute decision to cancel the outdoor service.  Since none of our equipment is waterproof and could be destroyed or cause injury if it gets wet, we may have to make a decision to cancel the outdoor service on short notice if we see rain coming our direction.  If we do cancel it, we will make that known here on this web page.

If you are at-risk or if you are not comfortable coming, we recommend that you stay at home and watch the service online.  If you decide to come, we recommend wearing a face mask, and we are asking everyone to stay at least 6 feet away from anyone who is not of the same household.  Please greet others from a distance, but do not shake hands or hug.  You are invited to bring your own chair and your own food and drink if you wish.  The church won't provide any food or drink, but it will have hand sanitizer, face masks, and metal folding chairs available for anyone who needs them.  Please avoid entering the building unless you are one of the few people in charge of setting up and cleaning up.

BBCC COVID-19 Response Plan  (May 9, 2020)

Greetings to all of you!  We look forward to the day when we can all safely see each other in person again!  Though we’re all eager to get back together, we want to be wise and try our best to do it in the right way and at the right time.  So, the elders came up with this plan which will base our actions as a church on the recommendations from the state of Indiana.  Our timeline for making changes will follow the same timeline as Indiana’s 5 stage process, and whenever the government moves to a new stage, we will take the action associated with that new stage as we have outlined below.


We desire to take these steps in order to show the love of Christ.  By taking precautions, we show love to those whose lives are in jeopardy from COVID-19.  By taking precautions, we also show love to those who are out of work, because a new surge of COVID-19 will delay the timeline for many people to be able to return to work.  By taking the recommended precautions, we also show honor and respect to the governing authorities who are having to make very difficult decisions at a time when a lot of helpful information about COVID-19 is not yet known.


If any of you desire to take additional precautions for the sake of yourself or others, we support you in your decision, and we encourage you to not participate in any in-person gathering that you do not feel comfortable participating in.


As our plan below describes, whenever we can begin to have a certain size of meetings in-person according to Indiana’s recommendations, BBCC will first allow that activity to happen outdoors where it is easier to follow all the guidelines.  Though we are not required to do this, we feel that this is a wise extra precaution that will show the love of Christ and also enable us to do some “test runs” outside before we take the additional challenge of safely moving inside.  However, after Indiana moves us one stage further, we will then allow that size of meetings to happen inside.


Stage 1 – Ended May 4

  • Indiana’s guidelines:

    • Stay-at-home order

  • BBCC’s actions:

    • Worship service videos posted online

    • Small groups online


Stage 2 – Started May 4

  • Indiana’s guidelines:

    • Social gatherings up to 25 allowed with social distancing

    • Face coverings recommended

    • At-risk people:  Remain at home whenever possible

  • BBCC’s actions:

    • Worship service videos posted online

    • Small groups allowed to meet outside according to the guidelines


Stage 3 – Projected to start May 24

  • Indiana’s guidelines:

    • Social gatherings up to 100 allowed with social distancing

    • Face coverings recommended

    • At-risk people:  Limit exposure at work and in the community

  • BBCC’s actions:

    • Worship service videos posted online, but when the weather permits, the worship service video is also shown at the church outside according to the guidelines with some live music added too

    • Small groups allowed to meet inside according to the guidelines

    • (We will wait to make a decision about when to resume Sunday School or Children’s Church until later)


Stage 4 – Projected to start June 14

  • Indiana’s guidelines:

    • Social gatherings up to 250 allowed with social distancing

    • At-risk people:  Adhere to social distancing guidelines and remain cautious at work and in the community

  • BBCC’s actions:

    • Worship services held inside, and a video recording of the service is posted online; the services will be held according to the guidelines with one change: start inviting those who are at-risk to attend, but only if they feel comfortable doing so

    • Small groups allowed to meet inside according to the guidelines with one change: start inviting those who are at-risk to attend, but only if they feel comfortable doing so


Stage 5 – Projected to start July 4

  • Indiana’s guidelines:

    • Social gatherings above 250 allowed with social distancing

    • At-risk people:  Adhere to social distancing guidelines and remain cautious at work and in the community

  • BBCC’s actions:

    • Same as Stage 4



  • Strongly recommend that all individuals who are 65 and above or who have an underlying at-risk health condition stay home  (Beginning at Stage 4, such persons will be invited to attend, but only if they feel comfortable doing so)

  • Ensure 6 feet between individuals or family units of the same households

  • Space and/or mark seating to ensure social distancing of 6 feet

  • Clean between each service/event and disinfect high-contact surfaces regularly

  • Place hand sanitizers in high-contact locations (e.g. bathroom, entry, exit) and ask staff, members, and guests to sanitize their hands before entering the building

  • Strongly recommend wearing a face mask for the sake of other people

  • Implement non-contact greetings

  • Don’t provide any food, drinks, or materials to be passed out

  • Place signage telling staff, members, and guests to not attend if they are symptomatic or if they have tested positive for COVID-19 and to remind everyone of best hygiene practices

  • Dismiss in a way that supports social distancing


For More Information:

BBCC Update – April 9, 2020


Would you like to watch the Good Friday video or the Easter worship service together with other people?  Watch them as they premiere on Facebook!  This will allow you to type your comments and read comments from others while you all watch the same video at the same time.  The Good Friday video will start promptly at 7:00pm on Friday, and the Easter worship service premiere will start promptly at 10:30am on Sunday.  You will be able to access these from the public BBCC Facebook page.


Do you prefer to watch the videos whenever it's most convenient for you?  You are also able to watch the videos on your own at any time by viewing them on BBCC's sermons page or on BBCC's YouTube channel.  The Good Friday video will be available on those pages by Friday morning, and the Easter service will be available by Sunday morning.  Feel free to invite others to either join the Facebook premiere or view the videos whenever it's convenient for them.


You can also click these links to try out BBCC's Good Friday crossword puzzle and BBCC's Easter Sunday crossword puzzle.



BBCC Update – April 4, 2020


Until further notice, we will continue to have our worship services and other special events online.  Don't forget to check out the Good Friday video this week as 7 members of BBCC reflect on the significance of the words Christ spoke while on the cross.


BBCC Update – March 20, 2020


Online giving is now available in the giving tab on this website.  If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact Jeff Miller.  You can also donate to BBCC by mailing checks to the church.


Until further notice, the small group on Wednesdays, small group on Sundays, Men’s Bible Study, Women’s Fellowship, Young Adult Hangout, and youth groups are not meeting in-person.  There is an online women’s Bible study, and you can contact Jessica Miller (208-290-2406) if you’d like to join it.  We also encourage you to participate in the discussions in the new BBCC Discussion Group.


The Brown County schools are in need of locations where small groups of students who don’t have internet access in their homes can go to complete their e-learning assignments.  Would you be willing to volunteer your time to be at the church at certain times during the week to allow students to use the church’s facilities and internet connection?  If you would be willing to help out, please contact Jeff Miller soon (319-471-1279).


The American Red Cross now faces a severe blood shortage due to an unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations during this coronavirus outbreak.  Red Cross employees already follow thorough safety protocols to help prevent the spread of any type of infection.  If you are willing to donate blood at Parkview Church of the Nazarene (1750 State Rd 46, Nashville, IN) on Wednesday, March 25 between 2:00 and 7:00, you must make an appointment in advance.  You can schedule your appointment by calling 1-800-733-2767 or by visiting the Red Cross website.

BBCC Update - March 16, 2020


For at least the rest of March, we won't be meeting in person on Sunday mornings for worship, but we will instead post a sermon on our website and encourage fellowship on the BBCC Discussion Group.

The prayer meeting on March 16 is canceled, and cancellation is currently being considered for the other small groups and events at the church.  For the most up-to-date information about any groups you are a part of, contact the leader of your group.  Contact Jessica Miller (208-290-2406) if you are interested in joining the current women's inductive Bible study that is taking place through the internet in a Facebook group.

If you are in need of any basic supplies or financial assistance, or if you are in an at-risk group and shouldn't leave your home, please contact either Jeff Miller (319-471-1279) or Jessica Miller (208-290-2406).  We can help arrange for volunteers to shop for you or run important errands for you, or we can help you learn how to order things online or from the Walmart Store Pickup.  If there are important items you need that the stores are out of, such as toilet paper or certain cleaning supplies, let us know and we will help find you some.


Also, if you would be willing to shop or run errands for those who are at-risk and shouldn't go out in public, or if you have extra supplies that are currently hard to find in stores that you would be willing to give away if someone needs it, contact Jeff or Jessica to let them know.

BBCC Coronavirus Update – March 14, 2020

BBCC’s worship service on March 15 is canceled.  Instead, we will post a sermon on the church website.  We are also looking into other forms of online ministry at this time.

The Indiana State Department of Health is strongly recommending that any non-essential gathering should be canceled or postponed unless it’s under 250 people and the venue allows for social distancing of six feet per person (https://www.in.gov/coronavirus/files/031220_GatheringGuidanceFINAL.pdf).  Though we don’t expect 250 people, our small sanctuary and tight hallways would make it virtually impossible for us to keep six feet of space from each other.

Like we said in our previous announcement, if we have Christ, we have no reason to fear anything in this world, even death.  However, in our effort to carry out our mission and show love to one another in the name of Christ, we feel that it is wise to heed the recommendations of our government and refrain from activities that could harm other people by potentially spreading a deadly virus to others in our congregation, community, and beyond.

More updates will be posted here as we figure out which small group meetings will be canceled and which ones will continue with the government’s recommended precautions in place.  We will also send out a text to everyone on the BBCC text list any time we post a new update.  If you would like to be added to BBCC’s text list, simply either CLICK HERE or send a text to 81010 with the message: @bbccinfo


Even though we may not see each other in person as much during this time, we encourage you to take time to spend with the Lord individually, and reach out to each other by phone, email, etc.  As always, if you have any prayer requests or desire counseling or are in need of any supplies or assistance, please contact either Jeff Miller (319-471-1279) or Jessica Miller (208-290-2406).

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